GMR Aerospace Park is designed to provide aviation companies a conducive business environment to maximize their competitive edge. Further, being part of the world-class Hyderabad International Airport development, they can take advantage of the existing attractive ecosystem.

GMR Aerospace Park offers land within Special Economic Zone for business intending to serve foreign markets, and land in Domestic Tariff Area for businesses looking to serve India market.

The following advantages present a strong case for GMR Aerospace Park’s vision of creating an aviation and aerospace cluster in the region.

  • Excellent location and connectivity
  • Significant presence of aerospace companies and SMEs in Hyderabad
  • Robust talent pipeline
  • Benefits of being part of a cluster
  • Ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Benefits of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Free Trade Warehousing Zone (FTWZ)
  • Runway access
  • Attractive lifestyle at low cost