Being part of a Cluster

GMR Aerospace Park will bring together aerospace activities across the aerospace value chain from manufacturing & assembly, engineering services to aftermarket services - bringing them together in a cluster. This cluster will be supported by state-of-the-art supply chain and warehousing facilities; and training facilities. Clustering will give aerospace businesses in the Aerospace Park a number of advantages.

Availability of knowledgeable and experienced workforce

  • This aerospace clustering will develop a large pool of specialized workforce which will be highly skilled and deeply rooted in the region.
  • The Aerospace Park can draw from the existing skill pool that has been developed due to the significant presence of aerospace companies and SMEs in the region.
  • GMR aviation academy which focuses on providing training programs to meet the requirements can further assist businesses in meeting their skill needs.

Synergy from sharing of resources
Businesses in the cluster will be able to improve their efficiency by pooling resources, e.g., multi-user warehouses, training facilities, expensive equipments.

Case Study
MAS-GMR Aerospace Engineering Company Ltd., (MGAE) as part of its project is building a narrow body aircraft paint shop. Businesses requiring aircraft paint services can examine the possibility of sub-contracting this work to MGAE. This will benefit both businesses with MAGE’s paint shop utilization increasing and reducing turnaround time for contracting business.